Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pathfinder Beginner Box SRD

The PFSRD (Pathfinder System Reference Document) has served countless gamers for as long as Pathfinder has been out there- before Pathfinder was as big as it is now. Since then The Pathfinder Beginner Box came out and has introduced hordes of new gamers young and old into the hobby. The excellent product has had great support and continues to provide a solid gateway into RPGs and Pathfinder.

This site provides all of the Beginner Box rules for reference. The character creation, featuring the three races, the five classes, equipment, bestiary, GM advice- everything! At this point it appears to cover what is provided in the box, not yet covering expansions and conversions that have cropped up over the last couple of years. It's unknown if that is the intent. And even if this site is complete and finished as a representative of just the box, it does it cleanly and easy for site navigation.

This site is another very nice example of the customization of Google's Sites service.

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