Saturday, July 20, 2013

Savage Worlds character generators

Savage Worlds enjoys some of the hobby's most creative and talented fans. Several of them are also entrepreneurs. The more able of those have been using Kickstarter quite successfully to start projects and tools designed to assist in creating characters and using our current tech and gadgets to track character stats at the table. Sometimes even totally replacing the good old character sheet. A couple of the more recent character generator tools are on the verge of becoming available to us, if not already useful.

Savage Outfitters
This looks like a powerful tool for creating characters using official resources as well as creating custom character assets all through a browser or smartphone. Savage Outfitters is cross-platform character tracking- not just in creation, but also designed for use at the table during play.

The product is mainly designed for use with Smart Phones or tablets, but is also quite usable for people who go about the more traditional method of make it at home and print it for the game table. Savage Outfitters can be used for this style of play, too.

Savage Outfitters is not completely finished with the project, but is well on it's way after a successful Kickstarter drive. They've stated a release-early-update-often plan. Their model appears to be- official modules are created and available for purchase to be used with the program. You are also able to create your own custom modules that can be shared.

Wild Card Creator

The simple idea behind Wild Card Creator is as, Will Herrmann states- if you already own the PDF of a Savage Worlds setting you can simply add those character assets to your Wild Card Creator program. More info, including a list of which Savage Worlds settings are available for this can be found here at the Kickstarter site. This is a winner for those who already collect the Savage Worlds books no PDF.

A very cool selling point for Wild Card Creator is in the export features, beyond a simple Stat Block, you will be able to export onto any character sheet PDF you desire. And there are a lot of amazing Savage Worlds character sheets (Cheyenne, I'm looking at you).


Savage Worlds Web Tools
A very useful selection of Savage Worlds tools including a character generator. For more details about this site check out the blog post.

The Old boys...

Hero Lab
Hero Lab for Savage Worlds
Lone Wolf Development has been doing character generation for a long long time and for a lot of different RPG systems. Although tried and true, one disadvantage Hero Lab has is that the above tools are designed specifically for Savage Worlds where this is a Savage Worlds version of Hero Lab. Probably a moot point.

Another disadvantage Hero Lab has was I didn't see any reference or support for Smart Phone app.

While not directly developed for Linux, I personally have gotten the demo program to work fine on my system (CrunchBang!). This was not exactly user-friendly and required a lot of combing of forums.

Metacreator Savage Worlds template 
This might be the first one marketed for profit. The AlterEgo Software website is not encouraging as it appears to be decades out of date. Lets celebrate it as the grand-dad of the products on this post and move on.

Zadmar's Savage Worlds Character Builder
Zadmar's character creation is all web based and pretty thorough. Upon completion, you get several options for exporting the Stat Block- such as HTML full sized or small, or straight up text. Very nice little tool.

Bonus! - That's not the only thing Zadmar offers on his website. There are a lot of neat tools there. Check it out - Zadmar's Savage Worlds Stuff.

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