Savage Worlds Web Tools

I just discovered a very nice set of online tools for Savage Worlds. These are made by Jeffrey Gordon (see his personal blog here). I don't know how long they've been around, but they do look maintained and will continue to be updated and added onto from the looks of it.

The tools available here at this time are: Dice Roller, Raise Calculator, Extras Database, Character Creator, and Mass Battles.

For Sci-Fi tools we have: Starship Creator, Vehicle Creator, Walker Creator, Power Armor Creator, Space Travel Time, and World Maker. Robot Creator is under development.

Some additional tools are as follows: Cards Test (deals a deck of playing cards), Backup for your database, and a PDF test for printing (which I couldn't get working with Linux and Chrome).

See some of the following images for what to expect...

As you can see there are several very useful tools here. The big one for me is the Character Creator (along the lines with this previous post).

Here is an example of the sci-fi companion's Starship Creator...

And even a dice roller...


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