Saturday, February 22, 2014

GURPS thanks to Happy Jacks

For the last several weeks I've been listening to the Happy Jacks RPG Podcast, mostly when I'm finishing up mundane things at work. Working backwards through the catalog (as many others do from the sound of it) the two systems the guys on that show most often talk about are GURPS and Savage Worlds. Both of which I have obsessed over, read, and tinkered around with pretty extensively. While Savage Worlds resurfaces as an obsession more occasionally, I've all but abandoned GURPS. Almost sold the books. I did let Martial Arts go, actually. Every time it comes up on the show I feel myself drawn back to GURPS little by little. Trying to resist. It's too complicated. Right? Well, this weekend I failed. Rolled and 18. I'm fully reading these books again. Looking at Pyramid. Again. *sigh* I love this system.

I'm currently running Rise of the Runelords for a bunch dudes that will play nothing but Pathfinder and my younglings are 6 and 4. I have no business with my nose in SJGs books! I should be prepping PF or running Mermaid Adventures.

Oh well. I'm still going to read them. Thanks a lot, Happy Jacks... douche bags.

by the way, those are alternate covers created by Eric, the pysco dominion overlord

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