Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Indiana Jones 5 and 6

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A German website is reporting promising news about the future of Jones. This is the google translation of the story (a little rough)...
"Indiana Jones 5" and "Indiana Jones 6" to come "Star Wars 7" Deal of Harrison Ford reportedly includes two new "Indy" films
Tuesday 25 February 2014 - News - In Production
There is more movement in terms of "Indiana Jones 5". After recently it was announced that Disney has already reserved the workplace for set-buildings, now the blog MarketSaw reported with reference to a source that Harrison Ford's "Star Wars 7" deal two more "Indiana Jones" films includes.
Already in October 2013 it was reported that Harrison Ford to "Star Wars 7" only willing explained, because Disney promised him in return, "Indiana Jones 5" to attack and develop a story until the end of 2014 . According MarketSawbut this is not the whole deal. Also, " Indiana Jones 6 "should be part of the agreement. Allegedly take the exact negotiations for the purpose of "Indiana Jones" sequels yet, and this is the only reason why Harrison Ford is not yet publicly as an actor for " Star Wars 7 confirmed " had been. You may want to issue a press release that the same includes the plans for both franchises or Ford keeps a retreat open if Disney's demands regarding "Indiana Jones" does not comply. Harrison Ford has already made ​​clear on several occasions in the past that he necessarily a another "Indiana Jones" will make film. A short overview, there are, among others, the following video for " Indiana Jones 5"from our series" The Story So Far ":
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