Monday, April 27, 2015

Heavy Gear D6

I was searching for OpenD6 resources for creating a ROBOTECH or a Gundam type campaign setting for the kiddos, when I stumbled upon this.

Heavy Gear is a mecha setting franchise that started as a roleplaying game and expanded into other media such as: a tactical miniature game, a card game, a video game, and computer animated television series.

The video game came about due to Activision losing it's license for Battletech/MechWarrior, developing Heavy Gear as an alternative.

Each edition of the original RPG was powered by publisher Dream Pod 9's rule system in their various versions called Silhouette system.

This post focuses on a fan adaption of this setting to the open D6 System.

Evan Anhorn is the author of the conversion. Jason "Banzaidyne III" English is to credit for the work on the supplements, here. Here is what is available and what is planned for in the future...

• Heavy Gear D6 by Evan Anhorn
• Gears of the North, D6 stats for Northern Gears
• Gear of the South, D6 stats for Southern Gears
• Gears of Peace River, D6 stats for PRDF Gears
• Monday Night Dueling
• Terra Nova's Armor and Artillery
• All Terra Nova's Aircraft
• Terran Military Power

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