Saturday, April 25, 2015

[ spooks ] The Greater Good

So its not over after all! The excellent BBC spy series [spooks] (known as MI-5 on A&E in the US) continues with a film called Spooks: The Greater Good.

"Harry not only survived to the final episode, broadcast in 2011, but he is now reborn, along with the franchise, in a new British movie. The firstSpooks film, The Greater Good, is released next month. Fans of the show will be delighted to learn that it is just like Spooks – a bumper episode, really. The theme music is different but the final scene freezes into an X-ray, just like old times. There is plenty of running down urban alleyways, tense jargon-swapping on the Grid and a threat with a timer on it: in this case, a charismatic, US-educated jihadist called Adam Qasim who escapes from MI5 custody and has a plot to attack London and bring down the British establishment too."

see the entire article here

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