Wednesday, August 3, 2016

#RPGaDay 2016 day 3 - Character moment you are proudest of

Its from a Pathfinder campaign that recently started, actually. My character is an Oread Monk of the Student of Stone order. Which means he focuses on being immovable at the cost of speed. So. I. Play. Him. Very. Slow. Which has turned out to be rather fun and hilarious. But its the Monk class that has been the most rewarding. When the dice roll right for the monk, things are quite entertaining!

One particular scene where the monk, perhaps unwisely, jumped down into a trap to take on a giant spider. You can imagine it. It was pretty cool.

I present Sideritis Ironwort of the Emerald Spire Pathfinder adventure.

Image from the Hero Forge figure I had custom made.

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