Monday, August 15, 2016

#RPGaDay2016, Your best source for inspiration for RPGs?

I'm reposting last year's answer to the very similar question because it was one of my favorites of last year's posts:

I draw a lot of ideas for RPGs from music as well as books and films for children.

One of the most inspirational sources for me would be the Miyazaki films from Studio Ghibli, incredible and wonderful. So many areas and genres to explore with that direction. The range is wide- for family to very serious and dramatic fantasy. All of it wholesome. All of it very high quality story telling.

I half have it in my head to create an elaborate and rather twisted campaign setting based on they lyrics, stories, ideas and characters that appear throughout various albums by the late Ween. Fantastic realms and mystic themes in every album. All under the watchful eye of the Boognish.

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