Sunday, May 24, 2015

GURPS rōl-play site

GURPS rōl-play site is an online character creator and campaign server. This is an online place to store the character sheets for when the players forget their printed sheets. It is very clean and intuitive and free to use. The most recent updates were a while ago, but it appears this is because there hasn't been the need for updates lately. If you're a GURPS player or GM, please check this site out. It's quite nice.

A while ago I discovered this online character creator and character sheet for GURPS 4th Edition. The creator goes by the name barhorn on the GURPS forums. The first time I discovered it I attempted to bring it out into the light so more people would use it and in turn, hoping it would see continued support.

I hope to further spread the word about it to hopefully gain more support to ensure it stays around.

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